Writer. Copywriter. Man About Town.


Hello. My name’s Luke. I write words.

I don’t want to think about how long ago this photo was taken.

I don’t want to think about how long ago this photo was taken.


Over the last ten years I have written words for clients as diverse as major banks, arts festivals, local governments and real estate companies, on topics covering everything from architecture to art to cryptocurrency and gypsy fashion. I've written for print, online, social media, audio, video and billboard, as well as editing the occasional technical document, just to keep me on my toes. I have done work for almost 100 different publications, websites, clients and agencies and none of them have fired me or taken me to court, so I presume I'm doing OK.

I have also written a book – A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Chemo – and edited two editions of the Best Australian Comedy Writing anthology. My writing has appeared in Best Australian Essays, The Saturday Paper, Executive Style, Smith Journal, Lunch Lady, the Guardian, Quartz and a whole host more.

Together with my creative partnership, Firm Handshake, my work has expanded to include a number of cutting-edge technologies, such as chatbots, VUI, AR and location-based audio. I’m fascinated by the novel storytelling opportunities opened up by these new media and always on the lookout for creative opportunities in the space.

As a client, I am sure you will find me punctual, affordable and blessed with great posture. I look forward to hearing from you.





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